Artica Concepts

Artica Concepts


To most people’s destination, on a map is where it is shown; for where mankind’s innovators want to go, they create their own.
Nevertheless, every journey has a starting point.

Artica Concepts is an outlet harmonized to fruition in 1996.
Amidst taking a foundation in the context of creativity, it is not imprisoned by lack thereof.

Essentially, Art is the presentation of human imagination, in form, to be appreciated for its beauty and emotional power.
The activity of using vigorous campaigning to bring about change, whether it be political, social, or environmental, is called Activism.
With these two elements, Art and Activism, as the root catalyst, Artica Concepts endeavors to, creatively, bring about promotion of progress, with the emotional power of art.

Often apprising, for a conscious mentality;
yet aestheticizing, to effectively allure…
We know that those who speak softly, will not be heard.
We know that those who do not stand up and take part, will be forgotten.
Therefore, we choose to answer the call and respond to the times.

Just know that those who have the openness of going too far, are the ones who have the capability of finding out how far we can go.
So when you stop and point the finger, realize that most of the things you praise/cherish/indulge on today, were brought to you by those who were pointed the finger.

ca. 1996